Programs are available to all individuals


Admission requirements for Diploma Programs are met by one of the following:

    • Proof of successful completion of High School Diploma or equivalent
    • Successful completion of a certificate program which gives you a minimum of  30 credit hours from a reputable institution
    • Completion of 30 credits hours in any of the Certificate programs offered by FODMBC


Admission requirements for Bachelor Degree Programs are met by one the following:

    • Proof of  Diploma
    • Successful completion of an Associate Degree
    • Successful completion of Advance Diploma or Degree from a reputable institution


Admission requirements for Master’s Degree Programs is met by the following:

    • Proof of successful completion of a Bachelor program in Biblical Studies, Theology or Ministry from a reputable institution
    • If you have a Bachelor Degree in an area outside of Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministry or Christian Counselling you may be required to complete the following FODMBC elective courses: Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, Leadership and Christian Counselling to meet the entry requirements into the Masters program


  •  Admission requirements for Doctoral Degree Programs:
    • Masters degree in Biblical Studies, Theology or Christian Ministry from a reputable institution, including a dissertation with a minimum of 12,000 words not exceeding 80,000 words
    • If candidate has a Masters Degree in an area outside of the above courses mentioned; such a candidate may be required to complete relative FODMBC elective courses to achieve the required credit average in order to meet the entry requirements into the Doctoral program


Please note: Ordination is by recommendation from the candidate’s home Church Pastor. If candidate was previously ordained, then the candidate must submit an ordination package for review.

Admission requirements for Ordination is met by the following:

    • Successful completion of a Diploma in Theology or other qualifying ministerial designations at FODMBC or a reputable college or university
    • Three references which include: Pastoral, Personal Friend and Professional
    • Candidate must be in good standing with home Church

In order to be enrolled in this program one Pastoral Reference must be provided.  It is mandatory that this reference come from the Church of which the Candidate is an active member.


FODMBC is able to transfer credits from reputable and accredited institutions such as colleges, seminaries, Christian Universities, etc. In order for courses to be transferred, they must be equivalent in content and requirements to courses offered by Faith Open Door Ministries Bible College.  All credits being transferred must be reported on an official transcript.
((No more than 30 credit hours (including life experience credits) may be transferred.))


All degrees at FODMBC are earned degrees. This is achieved by mandatory coursework that must be completed; however University and College transcripts do not always reflect real life experience. FODMBC recognizes life experience which may have been gained through years of ministry related work. This enables Pastors and ministerial leaders who have served in ministry positions and have gained vital knowledge and experience in their fields, but do not have any formal certificate, diploma, or degree to attain credits in recognition of the service in the work of the Lord. This acceptance of life credits helps a potential student to accelerate their learning college experience and enable them to earn a fully accredited ministry related degree.

    • Applicants must have had more than 5 years in a recognized position in ministry;
    • Provide a minimum of  2 Pastoral references;
    • Life experience which could include such things as books authored, mission trips, classes taught, outreach ministries, ministries within a church, etc., must be documented along with the years they occurred and submitted for evaluation; and
    • Life experience credit cannot be given for an entire degree but is limited to a maximum of 30 credit hours.