President’s Letter



It has been an exciting time since the start of Faith Open Door Ministries Bible College (FODMBC) in 2017. This spring, we taught over one hundred and fifty students in six different designations. Friendships were made and our growth in faith expanded. While we are talking expansion to all countries, we will be offering practical ministry classes including, Christian counselling specifically designed to equip the volunteer leader to serve the local church.

Grace and peace be yours always in the precious name of Jesus Christ,

Truly the harvest remains plenteous and workers in the master’s vineyard are still needed! I believe that a key theme of the church should be, “turning the hearts of the children back to the Godly Christian fathers”. In order to do so we must revisit in earnest first, century biblical principles as found in the book of Acts … signs and wonders following the believers. I believe if we embrace the “apostolic anointing” in our lifetime we will witness Spirit-filled believers and Spirit-led leaders again!

We at FODMBC believe that the Holy Spirit guides our instructors in the teaching of the Word, which allows revelation knowledge to flow freely. Students can be academically trained however, more importantly led by the Holy Spirit and lead Spirit-filled lives, to the honor and glory of God. Kingdom Builders!

One of my favourite scriptures is found in 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to show thyself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. For so long, many have said that they were called into the Ministry. They went but they where not sent. They taught but without a teacher or without being instructed. I have often said that the Holy Spirit needs to have something to work with, if the Holy Spirit is going to bring “all things to your remembrance”.

FODMBC prepares its students to be accountable to God and those who He has set in His Church as Leaders and Shepard of the sheep. Being accountable to God and His Leaders, means that we all must be accountable to each other. Cain asked the question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” To a greater degree as our Christian duty demands, yes, we are! By having the discipline of a Christian Education, you will be able to walk in a spirit of excellence, integrity and virtue!

Please note, at our College FODMBC we are not interested in seeking secular accreditation as our aim. However, it is to continue the work of our Lord Jesus Christ with the application of Higher Christian Education and Ministerial Training, for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and not for a secular gain.

Faith Open Door Ministries Bible College offers an earned degree primarily for ecclesiastical purposes!

Do any of these apply to you?

     I want to understand and apply God’s Word in a life changing way.

     I want to become more effective at serving my church.

     I want to determine God’s call on my life.

     I want to learn from outstanding instructors.

     I want to learn with people and develop friendships.

     I want class offerings that fit my busy work and life schedule.

     I want to get great training at an affordable price.

     I want to earn a degree, a certificate, or a qualification that equips me to serve in ministry.

If yes, then Faith Open Door Ministries Bible College is right for you! We provide excellent instruction, in person and at a reasonable price.

Ministry is personal—so is our training. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more.

Not just a student? We need your help, too. Please join our team. We would appreciate your financial support.

It is my humble prayer that you will become a part of this educational ministry in pursuit of your Christian calling, and that through this experience you will fulfill your calling. To God be the glory. Welcome and I look forward to seeing you.

Thank you & God bless,

In His Service,
Dr. James A. Robinson